Finally, The Fight is Here. Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

The Yawner of a fight Floyd-Mayweather-Conor-McGregor


Just one more night and the yawner of a fight that some say will be “The Fight of The Century” will be over.  Yea, ok, pass the pretzels, please.  Can we just move on to the cashing of the checks and the licking of the cable gods wounds?  Seriously.  Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor? The fight of the century?  Not even close.  The scam of the century?  That I could believe. Paying an old has – been and a new riser a total of $300 million to dance around a ring is insane.

I have yet to meet anyone who is paying for the “honor” of viewing this spectacle.  However, millions of dollars have been spent on promoting this fight as well as millions have been bet on who will win and how will they win.  Right now it’s almost 4 to 1 with Mayweather for the win.  However, there is a rising tide of money going into prop bets that Mayweather could be disqualified or a tie.

It has been fun to watch these two try to impersonate Muhammad Ali and his ability to trash talk his opponents.  Nice try, but still not the same.  Ali had a way of doing it that was entertaining and fun.  Verbal jabs seem to lose their sting with 140 characters and makes it seem more like school yard stuff.

The $00 million dance in the boxing ring

All the big money celebrities are in town for the “look at me” parade around at all the night clubs and titty bars.  Of course, the paparazzi are here in mass to follow them and push the story more.


You have a man “willing” to put his 49-0 boxing record on the line to go up against an unproven  UFC fighter who is 21-3 in MMA.  It’s like who was on drugs when they came up with this mismatch??  Oh, wait, UFC head honcho and goon squad leader Dana White is pimping McGregor. Never mind, I just answered my own question…

I’m figuring McGregor is getting paid $100 million, so he may want to give the fans their money’s worth and dance around the ring a few rounds. Letting Floyd try not to fall and get into a submission hold.  Who knows, even McGregor may have bet on Floyd for the win!


Tickets for the nosebleed seats at T-Mobile are going for $1,300.  Suites are $70,000  Get Tickets Here


Mayweather is 40 years old
McGregor is 29 years old

McGregor is not a boxer, he’s MMA/UFC
Mayweather is a boxer

Boxing rules will apply and the fight will be in a boxing ring

McGregor is 21-3 with 18 knockouts in MMA, he has never lost standing up, only by submission
Mayweather has never lost, standing or submitting

Want to watch it on PPV?  Showtime PPV, Saturday 9 p.m. ET

The fight will be broadcast from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas


What Are Your Thought on This Fight? 



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