Gambling at The Moulin Rouge

Historic Moulin Rouge casino las vegas, tours

Actually wasn’t the Moulin Rouge.  They tore down the last remaining structures of the historic Las Vegas casino several years ago.  But the property of the Moulin Rouge.

The property still holds an unrestricted gaming license.  That means who ever owns the property can build a casino on it without a hotel.  Nevada stopped issuing those kind of licenses in the early 1990s. (now any casino has to include at least a 200 bed hotel)

To hold on to that grandfathered license, they have to have at least 15 slot machines in operation for eight continuous hours every two years.  Today was near the end of that two year period.  So they put up what is called a Trailer Casino.

Moulin Rouge las vegas trailer casino

They opened at 6am with a few people waiting outside, and they closed at 2pm.  Eight hours.  Legal status fulfilled.  Not sure if anyone won any money.  but this trailer casino, unlike other ones, had a steady flow of visitors to check it out.  Some Vegas fanatics, fans and historians.  As well as the curiosity odd seeker.  Like me.


It will take more than an unrestricted gaming license for anyone with any common sense to want to open a casino in this location.  No easy access.  Bad neighbors and dilapidated housing, abandoned buildings all the way around.  Makes the area around the Stratosphere look like Beverly Hills.

But now I can die and say I was at a trailer casino!



The Moulin Rouge Hotel was a hotel and casino located in the West Las Vegas neighborhood of Las Vegas.  The bad side of town where few white people would ever dare to go.  It was the first desegregated hotel casino and  was popular with many of the black entertainers of the time, who would entertain at the other hotels and casinos and stay at the Moulin Rouge.  Other white performers would also make their way over after their show, just to see what all the excitement was about.

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