Getting Ready for IKEA Day in Las Vegas

It’s not that I am expecting the Mayor or Governor to make it an “official” day or anything.  However, there are a lot of people waiting for that one hot summer day in June when the ribbon is cut and the doors to the first Ikea store in Las Vegas will open.  Expect long lines, mass celebrations and questions about when and where the second store will be built?

Yes, we finally get our very own Swedish home furnishing retailer and meatball emporium.  For many California transplants and others, this is a big deal.  No more having to travel to California or Utah or having to order from a Las Vegas IKEA shopping service to get our fix.  We will have our very own 351,00 square foot store that will also be the largest solar-powered retail store in America.

What took them so long to wake up and see Las Vegas as a place to locate?  Who knows.  They will certainly have shoppers regret for waiting so long, just as the fine folks from White Castle learned when they opened up last year.  They should have been here ten years ago.  Now, cut the ribbon and watch the flood of people hustling into their doors until they have to shut it down to restock the shelves and refresh the workers.  It’s like Las Vegas was built to their specifications for customers and yet ignored by the world-wide retailer.

Ikea is almost open in las vegas

Love Them/Hate Them


People have a love/hate relationship with IKEA.  Cheap, modern styled furniture that is a B*tch to put together.  Huge warehouse style stores you can’t really get lost in them because they have arrows painted on the floor for you to follow.  Then again, this is Vegas….    It’s almost like a Disneyland for adults with relationship issues.  The products are on display and shown in small room setups so you can play with them and mix and match them as you walk along.


I’m a gadget freak, so I love to see what all the new gadgets they can create for the home and office and then find new uses for them.  Or stumble on a sales bin filled with some weird named item for a cheap price and you try to figure out just what you would use it for because it looks so cool and is so cheap that you just have to have one!  You can spend hours wandering around the store.  People watching is also a fun there as people try out the furniture and argue over what color they want and if it’s really right for the house or better for the garage.  Others will congregate around a display and start conversations with strangers about how they could fit that into the new dorm, apartment or in the trunk of their Tesla

Then you have the people who will scream about how bad big box retailers like IKEA are for the environment and unfair to its works.  Come to find out, IKEA is that one company that can walk the talk. To be environmentally friendly, actually support its workers equality and uses more sustainable sources for its cotton and wood products while also making a decent profit for its owners.  So if you are tree hugger, “Go Green” fanatic, IKEA is your store to shop at.  IKEA Group Yearly Summary 2015

Just How Popular is IKEA in Las Vegas?


If you think I am exaggerating over how popular this grand opening will be, let me explain Las Vegas love affair with IKEA.   There is a company in Las Vegas that is dedicated to shopping IKEA for you and delivering the items to your doorstep.  (Assembly is extra)  Get into a convoy of locals on the I-15 heading to LA on any weekend and see where they all turn-off.  I bet its the first IKEA store they see!  Drive the I-15 between here and LA during the week and tell me how many IKEA delivery trucks you see, you swear they already had a bunch of stores here.

So, Yes, it’s a big deal!!
IKEA Las Vegas

Now Hiring

Just as Walmart announced it was closing one of its shoplifters paradise Super Centers in Las Vegas, IKEA announced the first round of hiring of 300 people to start the opening process.  Want to work for IKEA? Click Here! That’s a good sign that our wait is getting shorter and maybe now they can announce an exact opening date so people can plan accordingly!

We Will Let You Know When The Opening Date is Announced!

Your thoughts on the new Las Vegas IKEA store?


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