Halloween – Vegas Style

Halloween - Vegas Style

It may come as a surprise to many, but Halloween used to be an actual State holiday here. Schools, banks, and other businesses were closed in observance of that very important date.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t specifically because it was Halloween although Vegas makes it seem like that was the reason! October 31, 1864, was the day Nevada became the 36th state of the Union.  The official title is “Nevada Day” and is now celebrated on the last Friday of the month. But don’t tell the Vegas tourists that!


Halloween in Las Vegas takes the usually Vegas party atmosphere up a few more notches or ten.  People come from all points of the globe to prove we are still the party capital as well as the entertainment capital of the universe.  Down on the Strip and over at the freak show we call the Fremont Street Experience, it gets even more bizarre, sexual enticing and goofy all at the same time. If that could ever be possible.

Las Vegas on weekends is usually a walk down the wild side when it comes to people watching. Halloween just takes that to a new universe. If you are ever lucky enough to be here when the actual date is on a weekend, you better be ready to take a cold shower or at least have some wet towels ready next to the bed.  Ok?

Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball 2017

The Ultimate Vegas Halloween Party 


If you are here for this eventful holiday and you don’t want to spend all night walking the Strip from casino to casino to see all the outrageous costumes and adult behavior.  You just want to get dressed up (or down) and join other crazy adults as they celebrate the night of the living dead in a true Las Vegas style.   No problem.   On Halloween, we have one place you can go where it’s all wrapped up in one simple, adult location.  It is the “Ultimate Las Vegas Halloween Party” and this year it celebrated its twenty-second anniversary at the Red Rock Casino Resort.  Of course, I am talking about the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball.


Take all your wildest Vegas fantasies and roll them up into one party.  This could possibly be that one party. Our friend and famous Photographer Tom Donoghue was there to capture what he could and he has allowed us to print a couple of the more tamer photos.  (Sorry, but the really good stuff he kept to himself).   Me, personally, I’ve been to previous FF Balls and can tell you it gets F’ing crazy.

The Fantasy Ball 2017 had fantasy and balls


Las Vegas on Halloween is not a time you want to walk your ten-year-old kid down the Strip or across Fremont Street Experience unless you are seriously ready to have “the talk”.  This is the time of year that the few laws we do have about modesty and nudity in public, are really questionable and in that gray area of legality in many cases.  That’s why the Fetish Ball is always held in a closed environment at an establishment meant only for adults.

Boobs, Babe, Grim Reaper Halloween 2017

It’s what you would expect in Las Vegas on Halloween!

Candy anyone???

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