Henry Hill, Our Friend, Has Passed

TVT Friend Henry Hill died, Las Vegas, Mobster

Most people knew Of Him, few people really Knew Him.  The man.  Henry Hill: ex-gangster, killer, drug-addicted, snitch, humanitarian, tortured soul, friend.  Henry Hill died this morning from complications related to a life lived hard, an open heart surgery last year, and just a soul in need of peace. We will miss him.

His story was told in the movie “GoodFellas” with Ray Liotta doing his best mobster impersonation and starting a trend of real-life mob movies that culminated with “Casino.”

Missing Henry Hill?

Yes, Henry will be missed by many, including The Vegas Tourist.  Yes, we know what he did.  The crimes he committed and the lives he destroyed.  We also know the decisions he had to make to keep himself alive, protect his own family and to move forward. It was not an easy life, but it was a life lived, you have to give him that.  He filled his 69 years with more life than most other people ever will.

We also got to know the semi-private side.  The one where he pushed away his family in order to keep them safe.  Lost his way and found redemption.  Not forgiveness as much as redemption.  Trying to make amends where possible.  Not to cover up what he did.  But to understand what and why.  To do what he could to make sure others do not follow in his footsteps.  That’s the man we will remember.


In his later years, he also showed what a man can do when he has a strong, understanding woman by his side.  His long time girlfriend, girlfriend Lisa Caserta added years to his life and added life to his years… He would be the first person to give us an “AMEN” to that…

May he be resting in peace and may our prayers and thoughts be with Lisa and Henry’s family.  May they too, find peace with his passing.

Henry Hill Jr. (June 11, 1943 – June 12, 2012)

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