Historic Route 66 Fun Run

Last weekend at about 0 dark hundred hours, Sazzy and myself hit the road for a little adventure.  Our destination was Seligman Arizona.  Home to the founder of Historic Route 66 Association (Angel Delgadllio)  and the starting point of the 23rd annual Historic Route 66 Fun Run.

Angel and a few other businesses on the old highway banded together to form the Association.  To commemorate the occasion, they held a little car run in 1987.  That first year attracted about 115 to go from Seligman to the California border.  Afterward, they asked when the next one was??  Just like the Associations, the fun run grew from there  This year, over 600 cars from all over the world showed up.

Yes, that is me standing next to a 48 Ford.  One that you can literally say was “chopped”.   There is a full grown man sitting in the drivers seat talking to another man next to me.  It is street legal.

A walk down main street Seligman, you saw just about every make and model represented.  From a 36′ Dodge Brothers Coupe up to a modern day Cadillac.  Customs, classics, hot rods and coupes.  Weird trucks and trailers to personal pet projects. We also met some wonderful people from all over the world who come to this event every year!


Once Angel started the run, they headed down the old highway in search of glory and their waiting fans who were perched along the route to cheer them on.  We caught up with them Hackberry.  After a little stop for food, fun and photos, they were off  to Kingman and Oatman before ending on Sunday in Topock Arizona.  Right on the California border

If you love cars, have a nostalgia for the old highways and byways of America, want to meet others who have the same feelings;  Or just want to photograph some really awesome pieces of chrome…. This is the event for you!!

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