Holy Cow! It’s Going, It’s Gone!!

speed the ride sahara las vegas

Well, it looks like the end is near for the Sahara Hotel and Casino.   The Sahara is going away.  But first, they want to remove my favorite Las Vegas ride….  Remember Speed the Ride?  Yea…. The track is slowing being dismantled and walking by it today, I noticed the cars are being moved around. The track is ending up down at the south end of the Strip, behind the McDonalds near the McCarren private airport.

Las Vegas amusement ride going away

If the new owners can raise $415 million from lenders and investors to help finance what’s being billed as a $744 million project, the Sahara will be remodeled and renamed as the SLS Las Vegas – Yea, I know…Not much of an imagination when it comes to naming a casino (again).


Holy Cow Casino Las Vegas


Across from the Sahara/SLS Las Vegas was one of the first “favorite” hole in the wall we found; “The Holy Cow Brewery and Casino“.  It was a popular Green Bay Packer lovers hangout featuring real Wisconsin bratwurst and real fried cheese curds….  yummmy!!  Then it closed on us…..

A few years later it became part of the “Battle of the Trumps.”  Ivana Trump lent her name to a project that was to rival her ex’s tower project.  Her’s was to be 82 stories tall (over 900 feet tall) and be opened by 2008.  The lack of financing killed that project.  The property remained vacant.  Now its turning to dust.  His project went from two tower high end hotel/condo to a one tower luxury hotel that may be teetering on bankruptcy.


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