Interstate 11 / Boulder City Bypass Update

The Boulder City Interstate 11 Update
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For those of you coming to Las Vegas from Arizona, using Highway 93 into Boulder City, we have an Interstate-11 Boulder City bypass update for you!  Last August they opened up the southbound lanes around the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino.  Yesterday they opened up the northbound lanes.  Bringing us one step closer to bypassing Boulder City and finally having a direct connection to Phoenix Arizona.

This new lane opening also gave a separate exit to the Railroad Pass from either direction.  The land that the previous highway traveled on was deeded back to the resort and they are currently building a new travel plaza and a larger parking lot for hotel guests.  In the last portion of Phase One, the Highway 95 merging into I-11 from Searchlight will open in March.

All this means that there is one less stoplight, one less hill to slow down your driving when coming to or leaving Las Vegas heading to Arizona.  You still have the two stoplights in Boulder City, but that’s it. No more stoplight at the Railroad Pass, no more waiting for the trucks and buses to engine break coming to a stop or gear shifting as they climb that hill from a dead stop.

Waiting on Arizona

The final portion, Phase Two, from Highway 95 to The Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (also known as The Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge), will be completed by October.  Saving about 35 minutes on your journey from Las Vegas.  Now, all that’s needed is for Arizona to wrap up their environmental studies and tell us where they are putting their portion of Interstate 11 that will run from the bridge to Phoenix and into Tucson.

Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phonix, Arizona are the last two adjacent metropolitan cities in the United States not directly connected via the Interstate Highway.


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  1. I agree 100%. Every time I drive past that I think about that. Yes, Searchlight was where old Senator Grumpy face (Harry Reid ) was supposedly from. But it’s not that important anymore. They need to change it to what people need to know, it’s the California border and Laughlin exit!

  2. One observation after watching your video (which is quite impressive) is that the exit for Highway 95 says Searchlight. This is so wrong. It should also say Laughlin which is a major destination. I had visitors from out of town that missed the exit because of that. If you’re not from here, no one knows what or where Searchlight is. And, if you are from here, no one cares. I will also post this same comment on the I-11 website. Thank you, Mark.

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