It’s More Than Lipstick on an Old Pig

The Old Lady gets a makeover

Last week riding the High Roller Observation Wheel, I noticed the old Imperial Palace/Quad was getting a serious makeover.  I mean gutting out the towers and blasting off the old cobwebs.  They were even removing the 30 year old carpets.  This was serious..

Now we know why!  Caesars Entertainment, the bankrupt owners of the old place has decided to remake the dump with a $223 million remodeling project that includes a new name;  The Linq Hotel and Casino.

The Linq Hotel and Casino

Gone will be the smelly hallways and dimly lit rooms. Maybe even the cheap hookers in the stairwells.  I hope they install new elevators.  Or at least some that were built later than 1980!  Also gone will be the cheap rooms.  Currently around $50 with the resort fee.  After the remodel, they expect to get $80 a night plus resort fees for the newly modernized and tech connected rooms!… Yea…  It also means fewer employees (as if they were already overstaffed and friendly)  Gone will be most of the people to help check you in and get you entertainment reservations, now you will have a do-it-yourself check-in plus touchpad concierge services…

The Quad becoems the Linq


Of course, all new resorts have to have a swanky pool area and bar for all those day clubs and whatever.  The Imperial Palace/Quad/Linq will have the pool area complete redone to include a hot socially connected pool/bar/spa retreat…  Again… Putting lipstick on an old pig still makes it an old pig…

The new paint job will be on bare walls, not on top of the 30 or so other layers of paneling, wallpaper and whatever else they had done in previous “revamps”  –  Maybe they could add a topless pool area.  That would at least give the folks on the big Ferris wheel something to look at while they are waiting to go around!

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