Just Say No To Planet Ho

I really wish that’s what the Gaming Control Board would say to Harrah’s.  Just track down that spend thrift of a CEO, Gary Loveman.  Look the bastard in the eyes and say “No.  For the safety and sanity of the Las Vegas tourist; for the integrity of the Vegas gaming market and for the people who you still employ, you can not take on anymore debt until you get your current house of cards in order.”

Not to mention that the idea doesn’t make proper economic sense to begin with. Ask anyone who runs a small business or a household budget.  Its economic suicide…  Not his, it’s suicide for what’s left of the Las Vegas market.

But you know they won’t.  Staring at Mr Loveman is like looking at your next boss.  Saying “No” to the man who holds your pension and retirement in his back pocket?  Say no to him is like saying “Do You Want Fries With That.”  And they know it.

The Gaming Board has become  just a stopping off point for these guys.  They see the Gaming Board as an internship, or the final step before that cushy suite at the corporate offices of MGM or Harrah’s.  So they are willing to throw anyone coming to Las Vegas, under the bus in order to protect their future employment.

Come on:  You have a company that is $20 billion in debt with no plans to pay it off, having the cash to buy the debt of another company in order to take it over.  Harrah’s just got a slap on the hands for endangering the public by remodeling entire floors of several properties without proper permits.  In addition, they may have admitted to maybe, possibly, accidentally removing tons of not so dangerous asbestos without the proper permits or procedures.  In further investigations, they may have found some employees who may have, maybe, accidentally moved safety equipment around as each area gets inspected.


The judge throws it all out because, well, not one person could be really be charged for the crimes.  What does Harrah’s have to show for all this effort in hiding, dodging and suppressing??  A large lawyer bill, some favors owned and some bad press by out of state news organizations.  Hmmm… to think this all would have stayed hidden had it not been for a disgruntled employee..

Now they are asking the Nevada Gaming Control Board for permission to take over Planet Hollywood.  Giving them about 50% control of the Strip. What are the chances they will get a “yes” vote??  Any bettors??

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s time someone finds the balls to stand up for the people who make Las Vegas work.  Someone needs to stop looking for the next hand out or the next kickback and start looking at who is NOT filling up these rooms and why.  Maybe, just maybe someone ought to say its time to get the ship in order.  You know?  Balance the checkbooks, pay off the debts and get some sanity in the boardroom.


Just maybe start looking out for the tourist.  I know, silly idea.  Looking for and taking care of the guest… Customer Service??  On the strip?? In Las Vegas??   What a strange concept…. What was I thinking??

Just say no to Planet Ho….    Let’s start there….

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  1. I’m surprised they haven’t asked for a government bailout. Oh, but the government is doing the same thing, getting a pass for spending loosely.

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