Las Vegas Lingerie Football League

Las Vegas Lingerie Football league, the vegas tourist

Now we are talking football I can watch!!  A women’s lingerie football league and Las Vegas will have its own team!

I kid you not….  Open tryouts for the unnamed Vegas team were launched this week with about 40 spandex clad women showing up.  Those in attendance included Angelica Bridges, former Baywatch star and former star of FANTASY at the LUXOR.

Unfortunately our Sazzy was busy with another appointment and was unable to make an appearance.  I’ve been assured that her agent is in contact with them about attending training camp later in the season.


So what will it take to be one of the players??  Well, they are looking for women with that perfect blend of honest athleticism and a natural hotness!  Whatever…

Hmmm… Why am I hearing the Chip-n-Dale Magnet yelling “PIG!!” right about now???


Las Vegas Lingerie Football league,

The players that make the cut will be assembled over the next six months and will begin play in the fall 2011 season.  Sorry guys.  Tickets aren’t available yet!  Trust me; I will be the first to let you know….

Are They Serious??


Yes they are.  The league is already one year old with 10 teams, going for 34. Vegas is on top and looking good.

The play style is full-contact and very similar to other indoor football leagues. Their uniforms will consist of shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, garters, bras, panties and ice-style helmets. So the next question is..  Silk?  Lace??

There are no field goals and no punts, a team must attempt to get a first down on every fourth down. There are seven women on each side of the 50-yard field….The field is 50-yards between end zones.

Don’t worry, we will keep an eye out for future developments on these team and see if Uncle Oscar is getting ready to get these girls an indoor stadium to play in….  They may need it.


UPDATE: 8/30/17: Looks like greed, mismanagement, and plain stupidity claimed another Las Vegas sports team.  They have no games schedule or team updates on their website or Facebook page.

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