Las Vegas has Museums?

Las Vegas Museums

That always seems to surprise people when I mention it on a tour.  Some people are actually shocked to learn that this haven for sin and immorality has more than a few major greedy casinos and a few thousand hotel rooms.  That we actually have culture, a community and even a few museums you may want to visit when you are here.  Yes, I said museums. Actual places that let you learn, touch and experience the history of the Las Vegas area as well as places and people that have impacted American history in general.

The Vegas Tourist has collected a list of them – Las Vegas Museums – Some are free, others require a paid ticket or a request for a donation.  Several are even on a packaged tour or Hop-on Hop-off bus.  But they all show the diversity and the depth of history in the Las Vegas area.

The Clark County Museum is famous for the man in charge of the collection – Mark Hall – Patton, a popular expert used on the hit TV show “Pawn Stars”.   Not an easy place to visit for the average Las Vegas Tourist.  But always worth the visit if you are around Henderson

Discovery Children’s Museum is a giant indoor play area for kids that some parents wish they had when they were a youngster.  Mixed in with the play are a lot of educational opportunities and hands-on experiments for the kids. They learn when they think they are playing!  Located near downtown.

Erotic Heritage Museum is what I like to say is the place to learn about your first amendment rights as exercised, fought for and defended by the world of Adult entertainment. Plus some exhibits and artwork showing off the world of eroticism through the ages.  It’s for ADULTS ONLY! and right behind Fashion Show Mall.

Pinball Hall of Fame.  This is one of the hidden gems of Las Vegas.  Not a well-kept secret, but one that needs to be spread around more.  You get to see, touch and play some of the most legendary, classic and famous pinball machines ever made.  A collection of over 1000 machines being lovingly restored by a master craftsman.  Free unless you play.  So bring your quarters or use the bill changer on premises.


Shelby American.  A FREE look into the history of auto racing legend Carol Shelby.  The man who defined the American Muscle Car.  You get to see his cars, learn about his legend as well as being able to see where the mighty muscle cars are made.  Free to tour as well as free daily guided tours.

I could go on, you get the idea.  This is not the complete list and I am sure we missed a few that our faithful readers will ever so nicely point out to us in the comments or emails!!


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