Men Playing War Games on The Way to Las Vegas??

Sorry Ladies, this post is for the men only. However, if you are traveling with a man between Las Vegas and Southern California, you may want to let him know this is available for him when the time comes to have a “break” while you go shopping for candy and gifts… Hows That?

Now to be fair… I have never had a guest stop at Eddie World, the original and not buy at least $50 worth of candy. The record is one lady on my Death Valley tour who swore it was a useless stop because she never buys any candy and she walked out with over $250 worth of it!! So she is a true believer! They have tons of it with varieties you thought were long gone or never heard of. Seriously!! You gotta check it out!

What am I babbling about?

Just about two hours outside of Las Vegas, inside the California border, near the town of Yermo, California… is Eddie World Chevron gas station and candy emporium.  If you have ever been to the one near Death Valley, you know what I am talking about when I say this is a candy store on steroids.  This one is even LARGER and has a hidden surprise for the men in the Men’s Room.

Watch the video above and see what I mean…  Yes, you can play war games while you are… taking care of the bladder situation…  Seriously…


Before you get there, you have to hit the store first.   The store itself is HUGE! At 27,000 square feet, some people call it the Disneyland of travel stops! I always called the original Eddie World a candy store that also sold gasoline. This one is that and so much more. Not only a candy factory but also ice cream parlor, sandwich shop and it too, sells fuel….
But for me, the highlight was trying to play war games while I was also trying to make a video and not… well, let’s say I ket my shoes dry. ok?? My score sucked. But I had a great excuse.

Eddie World War Games Bathroom

While in Yermo, have you ever been to Calico Ghost Town ? Family fun and its a little bit of history as well!

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