My Favorite Las Vegas Bookstore

Vegas Bauman Rare Bookstore, The Vegas Tourist

Believe it or not, there are people who still like to read books.  Like, hold them in my hand, turn the pages with my fingers, type of reading.  So for us book worms, there is a little hidden gem on the Vegas Strip called Bauman Rare Books.   I recommend this place often to special guests and good friends.  It’s located in the Shoppes at the Palazzo

When was the last time you read Shakespeare?  I mean read a first edition printing of his works??  Or saw a clean copy of the original Winnie The Poo series signed by it’s author A. A. Milne?  That’s called putting some real history in front of you.  Or just stop in to see what your childhood books would be worth, had we not torn the covers off of them!  They have first editions signed and rare books, manuscripts, pictures, as well as other historical documents. Most are (way) out of my price range, but still fun to go in and browse, see and occasionally read.

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Recently my girlfriend and I wandered in there and was met by Anna.  A helpful knowledgeable bookworm and history buff.  She offered to help us look around and showed us the proper way to read a historical book as well as giving us a guided tour into the inner library.  This room is usually off limits to the mere mortals such as ourselves.   But she liked us!! In that room were the larger, more rare books and collections.  Some series big books and amazing collections/series.

My big giddy moment?  Seeing the box containing an 1854 colored map of the United States. This map was later used to show troop movement during the Civil War and had the little pin holes in it used to mark troops. $20,000



With each book or document there, it comes with a paper giving you the history of the object, its historical significance as well as its worth.

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