My Guide to Tipping in Las Vegas


After all these years, I finally get around to making a general guide to tipping in Las Vegas!

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Tipping. The art of giving a gratuity for great service or for the hope of getting better service is an American custom. Not shared by some in other countries and as such, some people have a difficult time understand it. Getting a grip on who and how much.

A General Overview of Who to Tip and How Much

Shuttle drivers

Probably the first place you will be tipping is at the airport.  The shuttle to your hotel or to the car rental facility. if the driver helped you with your luggage, arranged a better seat for you or did something specific, other then drive you to the location: $1 per bag.

Uber/Lyft Drivers

We are used to using cabs in Las Vegas. Ride Share vehicles are now taking over.  The same tradition follows. If the car was clean and the driver friendly, knew where to go and got you there safe and sound?  10% of the fare



The people who will park your car then return it to you when you are ready to leave: $2/$5 at pickup
If you tip nicely when you first enter, they tend to park it closer.  Larger the tip, the closer to the front they will park it!




Standard pick up at check-in or at drop off in room:$2 a bag
If they go above and beyond, be sure to increase the tip

Casino Cocktail Waitress

If standard well drinks: $2 a drink. Call drink $5
The better you tip, the faster she will return!


You do not always get the same housekeeper every day, tip every day.  Tip: $2/$5
Put it someplace by itself and leave a note so they know its for them and not loose change you may have left behind when you left the room for the day.

Tour Guides

Multi-day tours: $5/$10 per day. Day trips: $5/$10 per person. If the guide was wonderful, maybe even extraordinary: 10% of the price of the tour


Cheat Sheet!

  • Shuttle Driver – $1 per bag
  • Valet – $2/$5 at Pickup
  • Uber/Lyft Drivers – 10% of fare
  • Bellman – $2 per bag
  • Casino Cocktail waitress – $2 per well drink/$5 for call drink
  • Housekeeping – $2/$5 per day
  • Tour Guide – $5/$10 per day

I’m sure I missed a few people. But these are the common ones. Rule of thumb is that if its a personal service being performed, there probably is a tip expected at the end.  If not sure, don’t be afraid to ask.

General Rule of Thumb. Not In Stone!

Nothing is ever set in stone.  Tipping is a very personal decision and has to do more with emotions than anything else.  Had a great person do something more than what you expected them to do? Tip a little more than suggested.  Had crappy service? tip lower.  Want better service from the same person next time? Be memorable by tipping heavy and being friendly when you tip.  oftentimes a “thank you” with a nice tip can go a long way. Service people in hotels talk. Especially the maids.  The word is passed on who is and who isn’t a great tipper.

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