NASCAR Fanfest Red Carpet [Video]

NASCAR Sprint Cup Champions Week continued yesterday down at The Fremont Street Experience.  With the top Cup drivers walking the red carpet before taking the stage to play some games. I believe that NASCAR is about as fan-friendly as they get. From the way the races are orchestrated to how the drivers interact with the fans. NASCAR gets it!


As much as I love my cowboys, they just don’t get the importance of connecting with the fans the way NASCAR drivers do. And NASCAR fans reciprocate by being loyal, very fun loving and sometimes goofy while waiting to see their favorite drivers up close and personal. As you learn walking the red carpet waiting for the boys to arrive, it gets to be a little chaotic in a fun way with the fans trying to get the best and most comfortable spot.

People started to line up for the 2:30 walk, at 9am.  Most showed up by noon and the stragglers filled in as time got closer.  That also means more alcohol was consumed by some who were waiting the longest and that just adds to the fun loving chaos that we lovingly know as NASCAR Champs week! Even the drunken buskers and panhandlers that normally populate Fremont Street were no match to the fans of NASCAR, and they soon left the canopy area for safer digs!

It’s just not tourists there.  They were a pretty good mix of locals, Americans, and people who flew here from lands afar, just to see their favorite NASCAR driver and to have fun celebrating the end of another great season with other NASCAR fans.

NASCAR Champs Week Red Carpet


Now the fun part of all this? Like me, even some of the fans had a difficult time telling who was who as they came down the red carpet. Normally we see these guys with the firesuits, helmets and surrounded by their crew members dressed equally in bulky racing gear.  All focused, scruffy and determined to win the race.

Now, on the red carpet?  The season was done, the champ already crowned (Vegas’ own Kyle Busch) and they can relax.  These guys are cleaned up, dressed in sport coats and surrounded by security.  Not the same thing!  They walked, fans screamed their names and they signed.  Not saying much to the fans, but posing for pictures, signing some of the strangest stuff and moving along, they worked the crowds at a nice pace.

The Champ Kyle Busch


The Burnouts Are Coming

Officially it’s called the NASCAR Victory  Lap. Most of the fans just call it the burnouts.

Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015 | Pre-Lap Festivities at 2:45PM Green Flag at 3:30PM
Watch your favorite NASCAR vehicles drive down Las Vegas Blvd., starting in
front of the Miracle Mile Shops and featuring burnouts at Spring Mountain Rd.
and Harmon Ave. This free event ends at NASCAR Live at The LINQ and will
be staged in front of the High Roller

If you’re wanting to see them strut their stuff, be down on the Strip early and claim your spot. I will usually claim my spot down on the corner of Harmon and Las Vegas Blvd. at about 1pm…  If you see me, say “hello”  Ok??

Here’s the map Victory Lap Map 

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