Oh Canada! We Have an Update!

The Vegas Tourist Canada Amazon Update

The Vegas Tourist has always loved our Canadian friends!  Las Vegas loves our Candian friends!  In fact, Canada is our largest market for tourists outside the US.  And for The Vegas Tourist, about 30% of all website visitors are from Canada. The number almost doubles during the NFR World Finals.

Being a free website, we use affiliate marketing to help pay the bills and our largest affiliate is of course Amazon.  The problem has been that Amazon likes to keep their countries separate.  Amazon required us to have separate accounts and separate links for each country. It wasn’t a one link fits all the nations. So when you live in a country outside the USA and clicked an Amazon link on our website in America, it went only to the US Amazon website.  Unless you were in Canada and we had a separate link for the Canadian Amazon website. That was a problem.

Like this one for our mobster friend Frank Cullotta’s book:

See the problem?  It was too complicated to keep up all the links.  So we had to drop the Canadian link and stick with only the Amazon USA link.

Earlier this year, Amazon made a change and called it the “Onelink”  That combined all the different countries we were authorized to sell to under the Amazon Affiliate Agreement into one link. Amazon would know what country you were clicking from. One link for both Canadian customers AND USA customers.

One Link


Since 89% of all visitors to our website are from either the USA or Canada, these are the only two affiliate agreements we have with Amazon.

In Plain American and Canadian English: Our Candian Friends can now click our Amazon links and buy anything they want from Amazon Canada!
Using the same link that we use here in America.

Canadian Support Wanted!


Since this is a new thing, it’s a change in our Affiliate Agreement with Amazon, so we have a new sales quota to maintain.  So if you are in Canda, we truly welcome you to show your support for The Vegas Tourist by shopping Amazon using any of our links on this website, Today!!

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