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Hello All!
First off, I wanted to thank you all for your continued support, your feedback and your comments about the changes to the website and podcast.  All of them are always appreciated and welcomed.  They will help make this website and social media profiles much more informative and valuable as we move forward.
I just wanted to let you know about some updates that are about to happen that may cause an unexpected increase in postings showing up in your feed. As you may have noticed, we have moved all of our podcast files from our servers to a new hosting service (Libsyn).  As we made each of the older posts go “live” after we updated them, the new service saw the older podcasts as “new” shows and automatically posted an update to the podcast subscribers and to our social media accounts.
That was not working so well as our subscribers are getting hit with a bunch of update notifications that don’t make much sense.  So we decided to just make it all happen in one series of updates all this week.  This may cause you to suddenly start seeing a lot of updates about older podcasts.  Now you will know why!
As this happens, we hope you take a moment to look at the old podcasts, find some of your old favorite or find new ones to love and leave your comments on.   Or just ignore them and the surge will pass.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this upgrade to our podcast library.
At the same time, we will be publishing the newest Podcast #204 on Wednesday, February 17th.
You may also start to look for NASCAR updates on the feed as well as a surprise or two on who will join us as we talk NASCAR and participate in NASCAR weekend here in LAs Vegas March 4-6.
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