To Ride the Rails in Boulder City

To Ride the Rails in Boulder City
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Not that you really need another reason to go out and visit Boulder City, come November, you may just want to make that trek out there and see this!

Last week I was invited out to see and test ride a new attraction just getting set up called “Rail Explorers“.  It’s like riding a recumbent bicycle on railroad tracks.  The company is a husband and wife team that started this in Rhode Island after seeing it on a Korean soap opera.  Since the weather there only allows a few months of operation, they decided they needed to expand to a place that offers wintertime operation.

Boulder City is home to the Nevada Southern Railway/Nevada State Railroad Museum that has 6 miles of almost flat track along a very scenic and historic route that they run their weekend excursion train on.  We are also famous for our snowbird population.  Flat track, scenic route, plenty of winter tourists and locals seeking a simple adventure tour.  This was a perfect fit.

They plan to bring out 22 cars like the one pictured.  Two and four-person units.  You would be able to peddle from the Boulder City Station out to Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino than either take a shuttle back or peddle back.  These are seriously easy to peddle.  You can adjust the padded seats and one rider has the brakes, just like on a bike.  Actually, the ride out was more of a leisurely coast as we talked about what we were seeing and waving to all the cars and trucks honking from the highway.

The ride back was also easy to do peddle ride.  I can say “easy to do” because I could do it and I can’t ride a normal bike because of knee issues.  So if I can do it, almost anyone can.  This was very relaxing, the seats are comfortable and the ride was relatively smooth for being on a railroad track!   The entire trip was fun and I even a great little workout while enjoying the passing fall scenery.

Riding Soon into Boulder City

If all goes according to plan, they want this to be operational by Thanksgiving. Sooner if possible.  Add this to all the other attractions the little town that built a great big dam has, and this should make Boulder City a “must-see” attraction for any Vegas tourist seeking a day away from the Strip.

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