The Riviera Demolition Begins

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How time flies! It’s been almost a year since we last stepped into the historic Riviera Casino Resort to say our Good Byes.  Once closed, it followed a Las Vegas tradition of being brought back to life momentarily to be used for a major scene in some new Hollywood blockbuster movie (Jason Bourne). Now that the usual hoopla is over, they can get down to the real business at hand: Preparing for the Demolition!  Turning the towers and the casino structures all into rubble, landfill, and recycled material.

We stopped by there today, as we were leaving the NAB Convention.  Watched them move some bobcats into the various floors.  Another crew was busy removing the parking structures and outer buildings and yet another crew were up in the penthouse suites getting ready to gut the place.  They also have to remove the dangerous asbestos found in the older Monte Carlo Tower.  That means the tower will be wrapped tight like a sandwich in a ziplock bag while they gut it!

Once all that has been done, the two big towers will be blown up in two separate events.  The first in June, the second probably in August. After all the land has been cleared and graded, the open space will be utilized almost immediately for the annual Con-Ag Expo.  Then as time goes on, more convention and meeting space will be built from the Strip back with more parking and much needed open space for larger exhibits.

Having seen the preliminary drawings, I can say it looks impressive and totally workable.  Plus it is badly needed as more conventions are seeking more space to expand outward or even relocate to Las Vegas. Of course, that means jobs, money, and tourist!  We like all of those!

The last great implosion was the New Frontier in November of 2007

The best implosion of recent memory was of the Stardust in March of 2007

We will keep you posted as the doom dates get closer.

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