A Staycation at Green Valley Ranch Resort

A Staycation at Green Valley Resorts

One of the best things about living in Las Vegas is that we have some of the best hotels in the world both on and off the Strip.  We never really have to leave here to experience the “finer” ways of life.  So when we want to take a little “Staycation”, there are some really great choices!

For my birthday last month, my wife decided to cash in her gift card from her company Christmas party and treated us to a night at Green Valley Ranch Resorts in Henderson. Just down the road from our house and a short drive off the Strip.  We had never stayed there before, I go there for various functions and events.  So this was a nice treat.

This would be considered a “locals” casino resort because they do cater to the local population while also being a conference and events destination as well. They have all the usual amenities of a spa, pools, large gaming area, conference area and several restaurants that go from the cheap to the more finer dining.

The first thing that hit us at check-in, the friendly staff.  There was a line but they moved us fast. All of them professional, courteous, informative and efficient.  Something I don’t see every day on the Strip. Got us checked in and gave us the pointers to get the lay of the land since the hotel part and the casino part are not all together.  (Nice!!)

Green Valley Ranch Resort Room

The Room


After a recent remodel, the rooms are all well appointed with USB ports next to the bed!! Plenty of lights all around with a soft, yet firm bed!  Yes, peace, quiet, no dogs and we can’t hear the neighbors.  Love it! Plenty of room to stretch out.  Still not understanding the whole large Dresser/armoires, tiny flat screen television thing.  So many hotels do that;  Please, match the tv to the table top it stands on!!

As a tour director, I’ve been in a lot of hotels and even in some of the nicest ones, it seems you can sometimes hear a lot more than you want to hear in your room or walking down the hall.  At Green Valley Ranch, peace and quiet all the way around! (Yes, I’m making a big deal out of the quietness. I was loving the relaxing silence after a busy couple of weeks with tours and Vegas stuff!)

Green Valley Ranch Bathroom


Debbie is one of those who loves large bathroom spaces and they had it here.  Plenty of room for her stuff, my stuff and anything else that needed a spot.  Shower with the big dead was a definite Plus to us.  I love my long, hot showers.  Could not figure out what the knob beneath the light switches was until we had the TV on.  Yup, a volume control for the speaker in the bathroom so you won’t miss a moment of your favorite show…

The Feast Buffet

The Food

It was Friday night and that meant seafood night. Unlimited crab legs at the Feast Buffet.  If there is one thing that stands out amongst all the Stations Casino Hotels is their excellent buffets and here was no different.  Lots of crab cook/boiled/steamed, etc… plus all the usual culinary delights you would expect at a nice buffet.  You could tell that most people (us included) were there for the crab legs as there was just a continuous parade of people hitting the crab piles.

One of my problems with Vegas buffets is the lack of service.  The tables that are left untidy and stacks of dirty plates always in view.  Here, they just kept cleaning and moving things along. You weren’t hurried along if you stayed seated too long and the empty tables were cleaned just as fast as they left.  They kept the dining area and the food area clean and orderly.  Thinking about my last trip to the Flamingo buffet as I say this.

After dinner and trying to walk off all that seafood, we walked around the casino and watched it fill up.  Even off the strip, the people watching can be fun. Like the Strip casinos, you have people all the time coming and going.  But the “local” casinos are set up differently.  It’s easier to get in, find your favorite machine, play, cash out and go grab a bite to eat or go see a movie.  Like it’s upscale sister property on the other side of town (Red Rock Casino Resort) They have a night club with a live band plus other smaller venues with a variety of entertainment.

Hate to admit it, but we were really looking forward to just getting away from everyone for a night of nothing exciting or extreme.  Just some alone time with each other and relax.  So yes, we went back to our warm, cozy room, hit on a movie and enjoyed the night together.  A well deserved long night of nothingness.  Well, nothing I can repeat on a family-friendly blog anyways!


Following morning, we enjoyed a nice breakfast in the Grand Cafe and then another walk around the property to see what we missed then a quick checkout, friendly valet, and home.

Shopping and Dinning

Although we did not venture outside the resort, next door is “The District at Green Valley Ranch”  an interesting little shopping mall with cobblestone walkways with a nice variety of unique shops and restaurants.

In a wrap up:

We wanted to get away without getting away.  Green Valley Ranch Resort was a great choice.  Friendly staff, well-appointed rooms, affordable dining and entertainment.  The room was large, clean, comfortable with all the needed modern amenities.  It gave us our much-desired peace and quiet in some beautiful surroundings.  We were attended to by well dressed, happy, friendly staff members no matter where we went or what we were needing.


The resort fee is $33.99/day


It’s nice enough, I may have to swallow my pride and pay the resort fee and return in the summer to check out all the pool renovations we saw happening!



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