Stupid Vegas Drivers in One Photo

Really Stupid Drivers

If you ever had the unfortunate opportunity to drive in Las Vegas when the temperature climbs past 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius)  you know the bad Las Vegas drivers just turn stupid on steroids.  Here is probably the best story to prove my point. Forgive the bad photos, I was directing a tour group as I was also trying to hear the conversations and get our vehicle out of the mess…

The other day I was at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign with a private tour group.  On the Las Vegas Blvd between the sign and the airport, there was a 5 car pile up, closing the outside lane.  Metro police had separated a few of the lesser damaged vehicles and were getting the driver statements when this little tan Honda (?) starts to pull out of the traffic stalled by the accident scene and drive through the actual accident scene.

As I was walking my group back to our tour vehicle, I saw a very nice Metro police officer stand in front of her to stop her from traveling any further. We caught the conversation between Metro Officer and the bewildered female driver and everybody agreed, it was a scene right out of a bad cop movie.

He wanted to know if she knew where she was?  She answered that she did.  That the accident was stopping traffic and she needed to get past it all to get to her hotel. About this time, a second officer was coming up to her driver’s door and in loud but not so friendly words,  asking if she was having any medical conditions that he needs to know of before writing her a ticket and could he please have her license and registration.  Her response was “ticket for what?”

Really Silly Vegas Drivers

Yes, welcome to Las Vegas Driving in the Summer Heat! 

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