The T-Mobile Arena Parking Garage Growing Quickly

Tournament of Kings Horse Barn

In Las Vegas, it’s always fun to watch how fast we can build something or tear it down when we want to.  If it’s a well-staffed union highway project or government building contract, expect years to get it started. Having it completed anywhere near the deadline just means they forgot something and need to go back, close the roads and dig it all back up again. Can anyone say “Flamingo Road?”

Need something built to quiet the masses who are calling for your CEO’s head after making a bonehead, customer killing decision??  Boom!  The floodgates are opened and the throngs of workers are released.  A new shiny structure suddenly appears from the once open asphalt.

That latter would be MGM Resorts.  Trying to surmise the damage done when they announced that the customers were “Getting a Free Ride” in parking and needed to start coughing up their share of the cost by charging for parking.  Suddenly, the announcement of a brand new, $54 million 3,000 space parking garage brings some calm to the chaos.  And now, it’s taking shape fast and fiercely.  Hoping to make its grand debut for T-Mobile and The Park events by early spring 2017.


MGM New Parking Garage

This new structure and the “improvements” made to the original Excalibur parking structure, seemed to also maybe answer a long asked, but never really clarified answers about the dilapidated horse barn next to it used for the “Tournament of Kings” show.  These paddocks are where they keep and exercise the horses for the show.  For a long time, there seemed to be a cloud hanging over the barn as well as the show.  The horse barns were never really kept up or modernized  They always looked temporary.  Like they were ready for the show to close and the cast of equines to move on.



Now it appears MGM or the show owners pulled open the checkbooks and brought some life back to the place.  Making look like they are serious about sticking around and giving the animal actors a proper place to live and work.

Still not happy about having tourists pay for parking or the long lines after an event as people try to work the gates and get out in a timely and simple matter.  But at least they are trying to get a central area for the parking issue as the T-Mobile Arena starts to book bigger acts and tours.

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