Talking Hockey in Las Vegas This Week

Talking Hockey in Las Vegas

According to the weather guy, it’s a week worth of scorching heat in Las Vegas.  Anything under 100 degrees would now be considered a deep freeze to the locals. So right now is a great time to be talking professional hockey. And they are.  The National Hockey League is in town for their awards show, banquet along with their Board of Governors meeting.  Being held at the MGM.  Just across the street from a privately financed stadium that could play into boosting the NHL’s image, not to mention the team owners pocketbooks.

You would think that the NHL Board of Governor’s would make awarding Las Vegas their franchise, would be  topic #1 on their “To Do List” while in Las Vegas.  They need Vegas to give them a shot in the arm of free and continuous (positive) media attention, new franchise fees and new base of fans and supporters to suck money from.  For them, there really is no downside to this equation.

With 41 million tourists a year, 2 million locals, 100’s trade shows and an arena with no public subsidies to fight for, where is the downside when compared to all the other alternatives before them?

The best part is that the team doesn’t have to start playing the moment the arena opens up.  Vegas memorabilia is a billion dollar business here.  Award the team, get the logos and start printing the merchandise.  They may find that they make more from the merchandising than they do from ticket sales!



Seriously, who really cares who wins the best goalie award?  Best dressed coach award or whatever else they are awarding tonight?  What the people want to know is when can they start buying Las Vegas NHL Hockey merchandise?  That’s the NHL’s problem. Lack of excitement.  Vegas and its ability to generate international headlines for the simplest things would be a great boost for the NHL and their need for constant attention.

The sooner the award the franchise, the sooner they can start cashing the checks…  The first major league team to locate a franchise in Las Vegas will be like getting the keys to Fort Knox.




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