Thank You Steve Harvey
Sunday night, television personality and game show host Steve Harvey unknowingly gave us all a little Christmas present.  Now as we look back at the year that was, we look back at all the screwups and dumb stuff we did, we can all go “well, at least I didn’t screw up a Miss Universe Pagent in front of a worldwide audience!”

Yes, those infamous few minutes captured live inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino theater.  If you haven’t seen it, you gotta watch it. Those few minutes between when Steve tells the world that Miss Columbia was crowned Miss Universe and the time he has to take the stage again and tell the world and the smiling new princess that he had one simple job and he screwed that up royally.  Because it was Miss Philippines who actually won it and she needs the crown. Yikes!!

“Watching it is kind of like watching a bad horror movie where you know what’s about to happen and all you can do is watch and wonder when the victim will see the axe blade falling and how bad will she scream?”

Those moments of silence in between the crowning, you just know it had to feel awkward for all the ladies on the stage.  Miss Columbia, who thought she won the crown and was taking the bows in front of the screaming audience.  Then you have Miss Philippines, who had just crowned the winner, was licking her wounds as she was stepping back into the shadows when all the cameras suddenly turned on her.  Finally, you have the real former Miss Universe who had to unceremoniously and with grace take the crown off one and put it on the other while a worldwide audience watched in shock and wonder.

she thought she won

Miss Columbia thought she won Miss Universe


As for Steve Harvey, that’s the most serious kind of  “WTF?”  Many people were a little reactive.  yes, he only had one job.  To read two lines of text and he even shows us the card.  Apparently he had to get back to the Family Feud slot machine before someone else took his spot or something.  Like I said, this makes anything I screwed up this week look like a prize winning effort to me!


After watching the video, you have to admit the ladies handled it pretty amazing.  I mean this isn’t anything the cover in modeling class or have a manual on what to do when host names wrong winner.  I’m not sure how they survived.  You have the world watching, you are wearing a crown that doesn’t really belong to you and the one it really belongs to is still standing off to the side holding the flowers with a look of curiosity on her face.  Miss Columbia was realizing that all her freshly won booty and bling were going away and she still held it all together.

The real Miss Universe

No, You Won!


Class Acts


Having covered the Miss American contest one time (because nobody should have to endure that much torture more than once), I can tell that had this happened on that beauty pageant,  there would have been a nasty catfight on live television. Guaranteed!  Where here, watching these ladies handle it like it was almost planned that way.  They kept it calm cool and collected.  Professional to the core.  They stayed on their cue marks and waited until they knew what was going on before breaking that well paid for smile..  Miss Columbia graciously let the crown go and congratulated the real winner.  A class act in all three ladies.


I screwed up Steve Harvey Bad!


Steve Harvey

No matter what else this man does the rest of his career, no matter how many Emmys his hosting of the Family Feud wins, he will always be remembered as the one who called the Miss Universe contest wrong on International television.   Now whenever someone says “I screwed up” and you ask just how bad?  If the answer is “I screwed up Steve Harvey bad” you know he really screwed it up!


Just What Did She Win then Lose?

Now some of you may be saying that it’s not that big of a deal because not that many people watched.  You may be right in America, but the worldwide audience for these beauty pageants are huge.  And from what we learned attending Miss America, these women spend their entire lives trying to figure out the right words, the right combinations of waves and moves to get the judges attention.  To win is everything and they do get everything a model could wish for.

The Miss Universe 2015 prize package includes:
A year-long salary as Miss Universe; luxury accommodations in a New York City apartment for the duration of her reign, including living expenses; a one-year scholarship from the New York Film Academy College of Visual Performing Arts; a one-year supply of haircare products and tools from CHI Haircare; a new custom diamond tiara and jewelry designed by D.I.C; a shoe wardrobe from Chinese Laundry Shoes; swimwear by Yamamay; a year’s worth of skincare products from Image Skincare; personal services including membership to Gravity Fitness at Le Parker Meridien Hotel and hair services from John Barrett Salon; modeling portfolio by leading fashion photographer Fadil Berisha; dermatology and skincare services provided by Dr. Cheryl Thellman-Karcher; professional health and nutrition consultation by Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD and dental services by Dr. Jan Linhart, D.D.S.; professional representation by The Miss Universe Organization; extensive travel representing sponsors and charitable partners; access to various New York City events including casting opportunities, movie premieres, screenings, Broadway shows and launch parties; and personal appearance wardrobe and styling by the official Miss Universe Organization fashion stylist.

Oops, She had it then lost it…

Thanks Steve.  See You Next Year??


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