Thank You TVT Fans – Jukebox update

Delgadillo's Jukebox
The Infamous Jukebox

Note:  This is a follow up to a previous post Bad, Bad, American Restoration

My faith in humanity and that of reality television viewers has been restored.  Seriously.  The Jukebox from Angel and Vilma Delgadillo’s Route 66 gift shop has finally been properly restored, repaired, and returned to Seligman.  And this time it works.

Although it’s not official, I will take credit where I can. The fans of and others who read my original post, as well as other tour friends who knew of the situation, reposted the article and suddenly, Rick from the Reality show American Restorations, had a change of heart.

What Happened

Several weeks ago I was up at Angel’s store and noticed the Jukebox was missing (again).  I asked about it and was informed that Rick’s Restoration had finally returned.  They retrieved it and took it to a real restoration company that deals with vintage electronics and would have it fixed properly at Rick’s expense.

Apparently, there was a lot of bad social media press about the jukebox and how Rick screwed over Angel (hmmm… wonder where that came from?). I know that my original post, Bad, Bad, American Restoration, was viewed over 10,000 times the first month and that I had to delete 90% of the comments due to the overly negative wording!

I know several other travel bloggers picked up on what I wrote and wrote their own piece about the jukebox, Angel’s kindness, as well as highlighting other bad projects of Rick’s.  So After a year of ignoring the problem, Rick finally caved and decided he needed to make his wrong, right. (thank you Rick!)


The Jukebox is Back in Seligman. But…

The good news is that the family all agreed that they are happy that the jukebox was properly restored and that it works as they wanted it to.  Bad News? The jukebox works, but they don’t want it damaged and have to pay another $4,000 in repairs and restoration.  So they had it moved over to the Seligman Rec Center/pool hall.  Where the tourist public and especially button-pushing children, can’t damage it. Out of the view of the tourist and the traveling public.

At least it’s back and it’s working!

So from The Vegas Tourist to all you who put in your two cents worth, We Thank You!!

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