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Last night was spent catching up on all my favorite TV shows we had DVR’ed while I was away at the NFR.  Speeding past some lame advertising for some new shows, I caught a glimpse of something that disturbed me while it also made me smile.  It seems that the History Channel has gotten sick of Rick Dale’s BS and moved on with the show American Restoration.  Billing the upcoming new season as “American Restoration – Rebooted”

Seriously??  What was the History Channel thinking? Don’t they know that’s my number one search engine traffic generator here at The Vegas Tourist?.  Because he has such a large base of fans who hate him, my post  Bad, Bad American Restoration gets a ton of traffic every day and is a top Google Search result when you search for Rick Dale or American Restoration.

The downside to that is the almost daily chore of going in and deleting 99% of the comments that my spam catchers did not catch because of the offensive language his hate-fans seem to enjoy using so much.  I understand the whole “You can’t be popular without having people hate on you”  but some of the comments were like Howard Stern style. People who watch the show religiously, yet hate on it! Why watch it more than once if you hate it??

Worse is Better?

If that wasn’t bad enough news, the new version looks like it will be worse than the original (hard to imagine me saying that, but it’s true). It will focus on, ready??  This is what passes for “original programming” now….The new version of American Restoration will focus on automotive restoration!!  Yes!!  Rebuilding classic and vintage cars and trucks… Is that a great and original idea or what?? (just joking. there’s 100 other shows of the same niche)

To host the show, they have dug deep into the talent pool and have found some “stars” from other failed automotive restoration programs who will make up the new cast.   Starting with Bodie Stroud.  Bodie’s apparent claim to fame is that he has been on more failed restoration tv shows than just about anyone else.  But hey, why not try it again with a well-established franchise?  What could possibly go wrong with that idea??

Meanwhile, back at the Rick Farm, he posted some time back on Facebook that he did not renew the contract because filming the show was more work and was cutting into his “real” business.  Really?  I don’t remember Ricks Restoration being on any tour request I got before the show was a supposed hit.

To be fair and honest, I really do wish Rick well on any new ventures.  Mostly because he has been a great source of amusement on my tours as well as creating a ton of website traffic.  Since moving his business to an old steel fabrication & distribution facility near the Spaghetti Bowl in Las Vegas,  he has expanded from selling replicas to operating a flea market and antique store called Ricks Rusty lane.


Expanding the brand is a good idea.  I’m just not sure of the location… It’s not easy to get to and the area around there is not exactly tourist-friendly. But who knows? Rick has always been a good hustler and good hustlers always find a way to survive. It’s Vegas, baby!

I just hope the new stars of the show don’t try to restore any jukeboxes!!


  1. Bring back Ricks American Restoration!!!!! I can’t stand watching Pawn Stars with the two idiots chumlee and Corey. Corey acts like his shit doesn’t stink. If it wasn’t for his dad and Grand father he would be flipping burgers. Two pigs have a higher IQ THAN THOSE TWO IDIOTS!!!

  2. People think they were ripped off by Rick Dale and American Restoration? Did they actually see the size of the crew that was working on their piece of “junk” that they wanted to look like new? I doubt it. If they didn’t like the price that Rick quoted on the resto they should have gone elsewhere! The new AR will not last more than one season, if that. There are a lot of garbage shows on the History Channel shows that could be eliminated. Like the Vikings. Bring back Rick’s Restoration with the same crew. And we are more than a little sick of Pawn Stars too. Corey and Chumley should have been dumped years ago.

  3. The new season of American Restoration SUCKS!! I don’t see or like anything in this program. It’s not even remotely similar to “Rick’s Restoration” which in my opinion should be the title of the program and created! I absolutely cannot see myself or anyone else warming up to anyone in the cast of this new season except for Dale Walksler of “What’s In The Barn” who is one awesome guy owner/curator of “Wheels Through Time” a vintage motorcycle museum who I think was only a guest restorer in the opening episode.
    Common HISTORY! Bring back “Rick’s Restoration” I’m feeling very swindled on Season seven7 and can’t see how you could even air this program titling it as “American Restoration”

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