The Mandating wearing of Face Coverings in Nevada

All right good people of the Internet who want to visit, live and/or play in Las Vegas, listen up! So what exactly did our good governor mean when he said face coverings are mandatory beginning today?

Well other than saying (translated from Governor Sisolack’s mumbling speech)  “It’s good to be the unquestioned king and it sucks for you to be one of the minions who must follow my every whim and mumbling decree” – Here are the basics of what he was trying to say as written by our state medical advisory team (of not really medical experts(**)).

The State website offered these as a .pdf file. I made it so that it wasn’t a .PDF making it easier for you to read. Your Welcome! just click the link starting with page one and read from there.

Page One: When and Where am I to wear the face coverings?

Page two: Are Children required to wear face coverings?

Page Three: Are the exceptions to wearing a face covering?  (oh yeah, a lot of them)


Page Four: As a business owner, what does this mean for me?

Page Five: As a consumer supporting local business, what does this mean for me?
As well as “What improvised face covering should I wear?”

Page Six: Additional resources to help you properly wear your face-covering!


(The Link to The Actual PDF Document on the State of Nevada Website)

(**KNPR: Nevada Top Doctor Has No US Medical License)

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