The Gazillionaire is Holding Open Casting Call for Absinthe, Feb 6

Absinthe Las Vegas is hiring

One of the truisms of Las Vegas is that we know how to separate you from your money better than any other city in the world.  We’ve been doing it for over 100 years.  Also, if you ever want to learn the art of marketing, Mad Men style, come to Las Vegas.  Nothing is done here without first thinking about the marketing.  From the placements of the slot machines to the cut of the cocktail waitress uniform.  It’s all part of the marketing.

Shows that come to Las Vegas and don’t understand the marketing, will quickly close.  Those that get with the program, stick around awhile.


One of the better marketing for shows in Las Vegas is the show Absinthe at Caesars Palace.  Absinthe has been one of the best in Las Vegas in creating media catching promotions for their long-running extravaganza out under the tent in front of Caesars Palace.  Not to mention that the show itself is pretty out of the ordinary in a town filled with copycat originals.

So when their latest Press Release came out, I just had to post it.


LAS VEGAS (January 19, 2018) – The Gazillionaire is holding an open casting call for Las Vegas-based specialty performers to join his stable of talented artists at Las Vegas’ #1 show, ABSINTHE at Caesars Palace. Auditions will be held for selected applicants at an undisclosed location in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Feb. 6.


“I usually fly around the world every year on the look-out for hot new acts to add to my hit show,” said The Gazillionaire, host and producer of ABSINTHE. “However, my private jet is in the shop for extended maintenance so I thought maybe the world’s best talent is sitting right here under my nose. So, show me what you’ve got Vegas!”

How to Audition: Las Vegas-based specialty performers who are interested in auditioning for ABSINTHE should send an email to by Friday, Feb. 2 with supporting materials, including a photo, video of their act, bio, and details of any technical requirements for their act. Selected applicants will be contacted with an audition time and location.

“I have to say, the idea of a full day of acrobat auditions makes me sick,” shared The Gazillionaire. “So I will probably have my casting assistants step in while I take a few naps. With the jet out of action and my acrobats’ caravan commune already full, anybody auditioning must already live in Las Vegas. And one other thing… definitely no Silks!”


ABSINTHE performs Wednesday-Sunday at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. with no shows on Monday or Tuesday.

(Photo Credit: Erik Kabik)


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