The Hollywood Cars Museum in Las Vegas

The Hollywood Cars Museum is probably not what you think it is and more than you can imagine it is.  After touring the place and meeting the man behind a lot of the cars, Jay Ohrberg, I figured this is the perfect car museum for a place like Las Vegas, where fantasy seems to be reality.

From the name of the museum, you would figure its filled with fancy cars once owned by celebrities we see in the movies. In reality, it is filled with vehicles that are movie celebrities in their own right.  One of the original Batmobiles, the “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” car.  “Herbie the Love Bug”.  A “Flintstones” car and many more.   We counted over 100 vehicles (and growing) of originals and tributes/recreations we have all seen in films, TV shows and music videos.

Movie Cars at The Hollywood Car Museum in Las Vegas

Jay Ohreberg is the man of the place

Hollywood Cars Museum curator Jay Ohrberg is also the man behind a lot of the unique car designs shown at the museum as well TV, movies and elsewhere.  He was fun to meet and talk with.  We did shoot an interview with video  with Jay we will post later.  Jay has over 500 custom builds to his credit and is a man of many talents. He always seems to have a new idea or project to build that will out-do the last one!

Pink Super Stretch Limo
Can you name the music video this was used in??

If Jay is not walking around the museum, talking to visitors about the cars, you can actually see him building his next creation in the glass enclosed workshop located in the back of the museum.



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