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This December, the mob returns to Las Vegas.  Unfortunately it’s only in amusement form, but its still the mob.  It’s called “The Mob Experience”.  Not to be confused with the museum downtown being pushed by Uncle Oscar.  This is the one at the Tropicana Resort.

The PA and I were down on the strip this week and checked it out.  The preview center is the only thing open and its pretty cool. Showing how this 20,000 sf interactive adventure will look like.   I can say that this will be one cool adventure when it opens this December.

One of the highlights for us is that Uncle frank (Frank Cullotta) will do some of the narration of the tour and exhibits!  You also have memorabilia from some of the most famous and infamous gangsters that called Vegas home.  Not just stories and pictures, but their own tools of the trade.

Anchored by the largest collection of authentic artifacts, memorabilia, photos and videos of organized crime ever assembled, The Las Vegas Mob Experience is an attraction unlike any other. The Las Vegas Mob Experience will open December 2010 at Tropicana Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Mob Experience will use the latest in “interactive entertainment technology” to immerse guests in a presentation of the rise and fall of organized crime. The fall is a direct result of the successful efforts of Nevada State Gaming and law enforcement officials. Through first person accounting’s, offered by apparitions of famed gangsters themselves, visitors will be able to experience the world of organized crime and learn about the role its major players had on the building of Las Vegas, and their ultimate eradication from the casinos.

The Las Vegas Mob Experience consists of a lot more than a time line and an assortment of static artifacts. Here guests will make their way through a theatrical, interactive setting that promises intrigue, mystery and suspense. The technologically advanced special effects used to present this never before seen content will set a new standard for attractions as well as museums and exhibits worldwide! Through its interactive and intelligent design, The Las Vegas Mob Experience delivers an authentic reach and real perspective into the personal lives and property of the fascinating individuals that created this enduring phenomenon that is Las Vegas.


Guests of the Experience will also have the opportunity to meet the “family members” of a number of the men and women who will be highlighted throughout the Experience.

“We believe The Las Vegas Mob Experience creates a perfect synergy with Tropicana Las Vegas,” said Tom McCartney, President of Tropicana. “Its creators have mixed innovation with leading edge technologies and never-before-seen artifacts from the families of legendary mobsters. Visitors will see and hear first-hand accounts of the stories that shaped Las Vegas decades ago with this one-of-a-kind immersive experience.”

“We are delighted to partner with Tropicana Las Vegas in introducing The Las Vegas Mob Experience,” said Jay Bloom, Managing Partner of Murder, Inc. “The storied history of Tropicana, their South Beach vibe and the extraordinary vision of Chairman and CEO Alex Yemenidjian provide a rare opportunity to partner with the most thematically relevant and fastest rising property on The Strip.”


Tales of organized crime have always been looked upon with fascination, and although its existence is worldwide, never has the industry been followed more closely than through the history of Las Vegas. The men and women who helped create the Las Vegas myths and legends wore many hats, and at The Las Vegas Mob Experience, you can see them all.

Here is their website The Vegas Mob Experience

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  1. I also visited the preview center….this thing is gonna be awesome….
    I cant wait ot see it

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