Vegas Chatter Calls it Quits

Vegas Chatter Goes Silent

You can not be a true “Vegas Tourist” without at least knowing the website  It was THE Las Vegas tourist website and ultimate community.   The site operated under the umbrella of the Conde Nast media empire.  But over the last few months, the suits in the Ivory tower decided having such a popular website focused on one destination was not a good thing.  So they decided to shut it down and blend it into another less focused travel website

VegasChatter will be an archive only site for now.  Not sure how long, but if you want to see what the fuss is about, check it out quickly.


Many Thanks

Running The Vegas Tourist, I often went to their site to verify a news item or get confirmation on a rumor or two.  They have even sent a few links our way and we have enjoyed the friendly traffic. Not too many popular websites will do that with another site.


Now, I could go on about the website and what it meant to a lot of Vegas tourists, but I think our friends over at Vital Vegas did the best job in saying good-bye to them.  So I will let them tell the story.  Take it away Scott Roeben and Vital Vegas

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  1. Thanks for the mention, and I agree Vegas Chatter was an important source and will be sorely missed.

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