Vegas Drivers and School Zones

Don't Speed in Las Vegas School Zones!!

When I first moved to Las Vegas, I learned a few things really quickly;  Most people here are from somewhere else.  Most people from somewhere else left their good driving skills there and only brought their bad ones here. They come here and go BatSh*t crazy behind the wheel. Seriously!

The last time I was in Los Angeles, I stepped off the curb and traffic came to a screeching halt.  That freaked me right out.  I wasn’t sure why they did that for me.  Do people really stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks?  Since when?  Oh, its illegal there as it is here.  But here, you just do it!

That leads to the other big lesson I learned about drivers in Las Vegas.  Got a traffic ticket in Las Vegas? No problem, most traffic tickets here can be reduced to a simple parking ticket.  Same fine, just no points, no school, no insurance increases.  Cool..  But not all traffic tickets can be bargained down to a parking ticket.

In recent years, they have cracked down on driving in school zones.  I mean seriously cracking down and getting super serious on speeding through school zones.  And that’s a good thing. This year they upped the challenge by adding a few new laws.  And from what I have been told, judges are not too sweet on making school zone speeding tickets turn into parking tickets.  So be warned.

So now you still have those people who do 50 MPH in a residential zone than do 35 out on the interstate.  Except in school zones.  It gets a bit comical at times when you see these idiots.  Barreling through your neighborhood like they are late for the start of the NASCAR race, then you hear the brakes lock up as they see the sign for a school zone ahead.  They creep through that area doing 10 miles per hour like the rest of us. The fines are steep and now can include jail time.  That’s the only thing that seems to slow them down. A school zone sign. Scary.


Now that school here started back up for most students, the police are hiding all around the schools, looking for those last few idiots who don’t get a clue.  This year, it’s not just speeding, but now they added a few more no-no’s to the law books.  No more U-turns in a school zone and no passing of other vehicles in a school zone.  That includes no passing of cars or buses.

Las Vegas may be pumping out some of the least educated kids in the nation, but even they deserve a chance.  So slow your car down and look out for them and the signs, ok??




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