Vegas Flashback – 1988 Video

[youtube=] How is this for a Las Vegas flashback? A local made a video/film driving down and back up the Las Vegas Strip in 1988! Taped this from the passenger side car window in real time. He did edit for the long traffic lights. Some things never change, still had really long red lights. He started at the futuristic looking Landmark casino on Convention Center drive, turning onto Paradise going north to Sahara avenue. You gotta love the old convention center. The mars spaceship look to it. And of course, all the open land, grass and trees between the Hilton and the Sahara walk-over!

From there, it’s a left turn up to Las Vegas Boulevard and another left to head south. The Holy Cow Casino was the Foxy Firehouse. Notice all the Travel Lodges and Denny’s we had on the Strip. Gas prices show 73 to 85 cents a gallon. Those were the days! Men still wore suits while walking the Strip. The Stardust in all her glory. Westward Ho and many others that are now gone. Looks like they were clearing the land for what was to become the Mirage.

Past Xaesras, past the Dunes and the open land, the small shops and finally the lonely Hacienda. A quick U-turn and we see a bunch of horse trailers and small apartments just behind the row of family hotels. The Tropicana was holding a Cutting Horse show. The Marina is still in business. The Aladdin had a full parking lot. All the stories we read about all the little shops and grind joints are all right there on this video!

Fun to read the billboards! Ok, we have the porn slappers polluting the Strip. Back then it was billboards. One advertises the Frontier and Sigfried and Roy. 1988 was to be the final year of a 6 year run for Sigfried and Roy at the Frontier! From there, it was onto a world tour and 5 year deal at the Golden Nugget which led to the Mirage and making entertainment history.

It is a bit sad to see all those legendary hotels and casinos along with the shows that made Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world. Yet its fun what used to where and how it all looked back then. Especially the clothing styles, the cars and the open spaces… Las Vegas just entering the big boom era…. Enjoy!

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