Vegas Hidden Gems – Part 1

Valley of Fire State Park

In the past month, I’ve been interviewing members of The Las Vegas Territory about what they do for Las Vegas Tourism as well as what they think Vegas Tourists’ should so, see and experience.  One the questions I ask is to name a Hidden Gem;  Someplace or something they think more tourists should know about but don’t.

Other than their own business or organization, they seem to answer in one of two categories.  One is the community aspect of Las Vegas.  Some institution or organization that is simply not mentioned in tourists circles.  The other one and the one I will focus on today is outdoors.


Las Vegas is surrounded by some of the most beautiful State and National Parks Mother nature ever created.  Most are easy to get to by driving or by tour coach

Red Rock National Conservation Area:  20 miles from downtown Las Vegas sits one of the closest of these parks.  A 13-mile loop popular with drivers, bicyclists as well as scooters takes you on a tour over several geological formations in a condensed area. Plenty of places to hike, rock climb or picnic

Valley of Fire:  An hours drive from the Las Vegas Strip, sits one of the most colorful canyon and rock formations on earth.  Often used as a backdrop in science fiction and fantasy movies as well as exotic car commercials and fashion shoots. Plenty of unique areas for hiking, climbing, and picnics

Lake Mead National Park:  45 minutes from Las Vegas and just 5 miles from Boulder City.  Lake Mead National Conservation Area was created after the creation of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.  The first National Conservation Area dedicated for recreational purposes.


Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park: A full day trip or overnight it for the best canyon experience

Grand Canyon West Rim: the Closest place to see the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.  Home of the “Glass Bridge” Skywalk – 2.5 hour drive






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