Vegas Summer Closeout – Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond Swoons the MGM

Labor Day spells the end of the summer party scene in Las Vegas.  This year, it also means the end or changes to many show staples here on the Strip.  I will get to those later this week.  But first, a quick round-up of the summer blast concerts and shows of Labor Day Weekend. Starting with perennial Vegas Favorite, Neil Diamond.

Neil Diamond Forever

The man who made The Monkees famous is still rock’in it out and making women weak-kneed at the ripe young age of 71!  I remember scoring a set of tickets for him in Minnesota, at the Met Sports Arena in the 80’s and him singing for almost 4 hours!!  Ok, he didn’t do that here, but he put on a hell of a show  and made a lot of ladies of all ages panties wet.   The man can still pull the heart strings while making it seem like he is singing to you alone… ….

This weekend he filled the MGM Grand Garden Arena.  A departure from his recent New Years concerts dates.  Maybe the new wife wants him home more on the holidays..  Who knows?  I just know he kept the people jumping and jamming the usual 90 or so minutes…

(Thanks to contributing photographer Tom Donoghue)

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