Vegas Summer Closeout – Static X

The Vegas Tourist Mark Anthony knows Static X

Yes, I’m talking about a heavy metal band and the man behind the band…  But first the promo…   The original modern hot spot of Vegas, the Hard Rock, has been busy going thru bankruptcy, dead managers and lawsuits with the tribes who own the rest of the brand name….  The original Night Club and Hotel has emerged with new rooms, towers, new owners  and  new venues.  All in an effort trying to catch its grove back.

In so doing, they opened the new “intimate live entertainment venue” they call Vinyl, this past holiday weekend by choosing the Man who is the heavy metal, grunge band known as Static X, to test the walls out.

To imagine a heavy metal band and 650 of his best fans in an ear piercing concert is a bit difficult.  But he did it.  The group played several of its fan favorites including “Push It,” “I’m with Stupid,” “The Only” and a few more.  If you are wondering, Davey Suicide, 9 Electric and Bobaflex.  I know… Who??

Mark? Static X?  Heavy Metal??

For those of you who know me are wondering about the connection.  I’m not exactly a connoisseur of anything beyond classic rock.


However I am a fan of anyone who knows his craft, knows where the bread is butter and enjoys what they are doing.  Mr X is a man of many talents in regards to music.  A fan of the rock guitar and its history.  A strange hobby, but one that is interesting to hear.

In my chauffeuring days, I handled the band and met the man who would later change is name legally to Static X.  Static X and a few other heavy metal band members get into a deep discussion about Eric Clapton’s guitar collection, that of Stevie Ray Vaughn and other gods of the electric music machine.

While waiting their turn to go on stage at the outdoor festival, Mr X and members of other bands got into a guitar play off under the stage. One would start a song while the the other person would have to pick it up and feed off it to the next person.  A “guess what song this is” type of a game…  All classic rock songs…


Than the word would come as to who was to go on stage next and the mood would change as they got into their “heavy metal” persona and leave…  As it was explains to me by some leather clad, stud filled rocker from another band:  “It’s all rock and roll.  It’s just that heavy metal is what pays the bills, so that’s what we play on stage.”

Thanks to Erik Kabik / Erik Kabik photography for the photo…

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