Vegas Summer Closing – The Phantom

The Vegas Tourist says goodbye to Phantom las vegas, vegas show tours

For many reason, the closing of summer brought a sad sigh to us at The Vegas Tourist because it meant we had to say good bye to Phantom – The Vegas Spectacular.   The show that went against everything Las Vegas and succeeded.

The show went six years while maintaining almost the original cast.  The two leads were there from the start to the end.  Two points few other Vegas shows can ever claim.  They took an original classic, trimmed its length to Vegas time limits and made it a better show.  It does helps that we are home to some of the best pyrotechnics and stage builders in the nation.

The Vegas Tourist loved this show

What other show in Las Vegas can claim to its fame that a 1,500 pound chandelier was one of the major stars of the production?  Along with a custom built theater to resemble the period and place the opera takes place in.  Complete with furnishing, mannequins and lighting of the period.  Plus some great fire and fireworks not found in other productions.   Finally, it was one of the few shows that kept its music live with a orchestra.  Even during the bad years.

The Vegas Tourist says good bye to phantom


Good Bye Phantom.  Hello Tim and Faith

The Phantom moves out to make room for Faith Hill and her boy toy Tim McGraw.

Below is our interview from 2009 with Kristi Holden who played the lady of the Phantom’s obsession – Christine

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