Wayne’s World For Sale

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You would have to be living under a rock not to have seen this coming!  Mr Las Vegas, Wayne Newton’s 38 acre Casa de Shenandoah ranch/zoo/tourist attraction goes up on the auction block May 31.  Mr Newton says he gets to stay on the property along with other family members.  His ex-partner and developer say otherwise.  A judge will decide later this month exactly what baggage the new buyer gets and what goes.

Wayne’s prized Arabians stay with him, or at least three of them that we can tell by the media and court records.  The judge will decide if they get to stay in the barns on the property.  Did we mention this is like a real ugly divorce, Business style?

The bankruptcy judge last month approved selling the animals, including two sloths, several wallabies and more than 100 birds including swans, a crowned crane, macaws and love birds to a wildlife center in northern Oregon. (Yes, the penguins were also sold)

Click Here to view Wayne Newton’s  “Equestrian Estate” 

Wayne’s World Recap


Three years ago Wayne was trying to stall a court ordered foreclosure.  He sold the famous property to a Texas Developer to develop it into a theme park.  Wayne Newton was to be a 20% partner in the venture.  The developer salvaged his plane from a Michigan airport and started to build a classic car garage, a hanger to display the aircraft and other attractions.  Then it all fell apart as the developer and Wayne argued over who gets what, when and where he and his family are supposed to live.  And what about those poor horses??

Wayne Newton’s neighbors, several of them who bought their property from Wayne and have built million dollar mansions of their own, started to complain about the possibility of increased noise and traffic.  Not that the noise from the nearby international airport and an already busy and noisy intersection was a bother…  Of course, everything ended up in Bankruptcy Court.  That started another round of new Vegas Drama fit for a reality show…

It’s Vegas.  SO stay Tuned for Further Entertainment!

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