Welcoming in 2017 with Fireworks on Las Vegas Strip!

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When you first move to Las Vegas, you want to experience EVERYTHING! So tradition goes that your first year here, you HAVE to experience New Year’s Eve on the Las Vegas Strip. Once you experience it live and in person, you will check it off your bucket list, your good to go and will want to watch it from afar every year thereafter.

Being a people watcher, I would usually go down to the Strip early to watch it all filled up with the crazies and the drunks.  To actually walk ON the famous boulevard is a once year event for some.  Then about 9:00 pm it was time to head home. Even when I was a chauffeur, I refused to work New Year’s eve. It was just way too much crazy for me. The crowds were always insane!

This year, we were asked to help our friend out and so we got to shoot the fireworks from the top of the Trump International Tower. How could you say no to that!! We couldn’t!

Taking the Fun out of NYE Vegas

I do have to say, the Clark County Board and Las Vegas Metro sure know how to take the fun out of a party. Enforcing TSA style bans on the Strip has pretty well done away with the joyous and festive mood of the Strip on New Year’s Eve.  It was just like a scene from a Zombie show, as people just walked in the circle on the Strip, trying to be happy and celebrate the times.  But when you can’t do “Vegas” while on the Vegas Strip, it seemed a little pointless.  You could see it in the people you met walking.  You had a few that found a way to let it all loose, but not as many as previous years.  No bags, no backpacks, no alcoholic vendors, and seeing the military-style security?  Kind of put a damper on some people’s spirits.

Las Vegas Strip 2017 New years Eve

To the Top!

So we retreated to the Trump Towers.  The staff was busy getting people checked in and cars moved.  The people, even security were the best and friendliest encountered on the Strip last night.  We past the checkpoints and into the lobby.  People watching there was top-notch as guests came from their rooms, dressed to the nine’s and even less! I didn’t know this was such people-watching mecca!

At the appointed time, we met with security, huddled up with other approved media people, and headed up the elevator 64 floors plus 7 flights of metal stairs to the top of the world.  Las Vegas was below us and the lights were spectacular.   We set up and waited.  I do have to say, The Vegas Strip on New year’s Eve is an amazing sight from up there.

Thankfully, the rain had moved on and the temperature was actually in the 40’s, even up there!  To see Vegas from above, whether by helicopter, by plane, or by sitting on the edge of a building 64 stories above it, it just grabs you.  It’s an amazing sight to see.  The lights, the neon, the people below.  From that vantage point, I could get excited again about being in Las Vegas for the fireworks.


As I have always said, Vegas knows how to throw a party. They may have killed the spirit of the event, but the display of fireworks was still the best in the business.  8 minutes of impressive explosives launched into the night sky!  80,000 pieces of fireworks, can’t be beaten in any other town but Las Vegas! We know how to do fireworks.

I hope you had an opportunity to see the celebration and enjoyed ringing in the new year.

The Vegas Tourist Wishes you all a Happy New Year! 




Photo: Debbie D Anthony

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