What Happened to the Gold Strike?

What Happened to the Gold Strike?

So you are traveling to Las Vegas, just crossing the California border and you pass the usual places. But wait! The Gold Spike. What happened? The name is gone! Is the old place going away? Is it being torn down? Have no fear my Vegas travelers. It’s just getting a much-needed facelift to go along with the new name by the new owners.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/XMDc_EzahNw” align=”center” title=”What Happened to the Gold Strike?” description=”You should look and see what happened to the old Gold Strike Resort out in Jean Nevada!” /]

Out with the Old!

The Gold Strike was originally built in 1987 and was owned by the MGM Resorts company until about three years ago when it was sold to the Jett Gaming company, owned by the Herbst family. As in “Terrible Herbst”. The convenience store/gas stations you see all over Las Vegas as well as the owner of the Mega-Chevron station right across Interstate 15 from the hotel.

As they have been focused on the Chevron station, the management here has been quietly and slowly remodeling, repairing and upgrading the facilities at the resort. Now its time to let the world know something new is there for them to explore and enjoy.  Being just 20 miles from the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign and 13 miles in from the California border, the resort has been popular with over the road truckers, tired tourists and those seeking a cheap alternative to the price gouging that Las Vegas has become.

Old Vegas Vibe in the Roadhouse

In with the Roadhouse

Terribles has been slowly rebuilding their gaming brand and now added the Gold Spike to their Roadhouse brand as their first full-service hotel, casino, and restaurant. (The Chevron across the Interstate is also a Roadhouse brand)  As part of the rebrand and remodel, they are keeping as much of the old Vegas vibe look in the gaming area as possible. While repurposing part of the gaming floor to highlight their commitment to off-road racing and the popularity of movie cars as an added attraction.

Terrible Herbs Racing Off Road Display


As much as I like to oogle over fancy movie cars and cool off-road vehicles, I wanted to see the rooms.  Having seen several “urban explorers” sneak into the upper floors that were closed off and seen the outdated and just crappy rooms they were wandering into, I was pleasantly surprised to see the results of the remodel.  Especially when you figure this is an old establishment and is not in a popular neighborhood!

Your nearest neighbor is Goodsprings.  Home to one of the oldest and supposedly haunted saloons in Nevada.  The now-closed State prison is in the backyard and hundreds of miles of off-road trails are visible in the mountain ranges surrounding the establishment.  The new rooms were definitely a surprise in their creature comforts as well as their subtle, yet modern looks.  From the single room up to minisuites and the full master suite. All looked like they belonged on the Las Vegas Strip.

Terribles Roadhouse rooms


Look for the new sign to show up soon if not there already.  Stop in, check the place out.  By looking behind the check-in counter, I saw several buckets of keys that were meant for tour groups wanting a unique place to stop over.  don’t want the Vegas chaos or prices? A good night sleep and maybe go out for some desert exploring during the day?  This may be the place to stay!


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